Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scars Record Release Event

July 28th.

Los Angeles, CA.

Stay very close for details.


amdboy64 said...


amdboy64 said...

but may i ask.... how close?

the biggest scars fan!!! said...

i cant wait for the record!!!!
pre-order it on itunes right now!!!

the biggest scars fan!!! said...

and visit my blog also!!!!

DaFT said...
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DaFT said...

Dear Scars Of Broadway...
I've just listened to your album (yeah, i mean album, all song are studio versions and i know that officially it will come only at 29 of the july... And sorry for my english, i know it's not very good, so sorry...)
So. I've just listened to your album and i think it is too perfect!!! I like all of its songs, but i think the best six are:
2. Kill Each Other/Live Forever
3. World Long Gone
4. Enemy
5. They Sey
6. Whoring Streets
I think that you may make video on "Serious" and "Kill Each Other/Live Forever", but I repeat that all of your songs are so good that I don't regret that System fell to pieces, but I hope that you (I mean System) will gather together again in future and make some albums :-)... But this will be future that i maybe can't see :-), but...but....
And please, tell names of that guys that play bass, second guitar and synthesizer O_o
And finally I hope that you will come to Estonia, I really want to see your live concert....
Thanks for attention...
Good luck to you, you make right songs... Thanks for this album...I fell in love with it :-)

If you can, write two words to my e-mail (ljakna@list.ru)