Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Scars on Broadway iTunes Single of the Week and Album Pre-Order

Head on over to iTunes where "They Say" is the Single of the Week! Click here to download the song for FREE!

Also, Scars on Broadway's ENTIRE debut album is now available for pre-order on iTunes. The “They Say” video is available as a bonus if you pre-order the album and the track “Scars on Broadway” is only available by purchasing the album at iTunes. Click here to pre-order your copy now!


KaRLa said...

John: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! Be happy... always!!!!

Karla from Monterrey, México.

Aviv:D said...

cant wait for your album!
*going to order the album*
see ya !!
by the way!
happy birthday john!!
you are awasome!!

Anonymous said...

The free download doesn't work in Europe I think.

Also we have to wait till August 1th (at least in Germany) to get the album.

Can't I be american for one day? ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey what happneed to the track "I Like Suicide"? Its not on Itunes?

the biggest scars fan!!! said...

anything that has to do with Scars i bet you is AMAZING the only dissapointment is "chemicals".
keep on rockin guys!!!

and everyone check out my blog!!!

the biggest scars fan!!! said...

in much honor i pre-ordered it three times on itunes just for the love of Scars!!!! its gonna be great!!!! Visit my blog everyone!!!

Kategra said...

great one guys! keep the good work, (as you always did) :D

ilovedaron said...
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BubaMetalDrummer33 said...

Awesome!! In my country it's now the 18 of July, so happy birthday Daron!
Buba from Montenegro

KaRLa said...

We only have one chance in this world to make BIG things happen, and you are doing that big things... enjoy your life every moment.

KaRLa from Monterrey, México.

arman said...

It's funny how serious is funny and funny is seriously the best song on the damn CD huh. A little vintage Daron there.

-World Long Gone Indeed