Thursday, July 17, 2008

Paris, July 2008

All photos by Erwan Le Nagard @


Pirates Of Doom said...

Nice! I bet it was fun for the Parisians to be there and watch you guys perform. Lucky French people.

I can't wait 'till you guys come to Texas.

Keep SCARRING the world!


Anonymous said...

You guys rock! Hope you guys come to eastern Pennsylvania some day.

Its July 18th over here right now, so Happy Birthday Daron!

Miho said...

I was there and it was awesome :)
Thank you guys for coming, I hope you'll come back in a small club in France again :)

By the way Happy Birthday (late) for John;
Happy birthday to Daron today!!!

ilovedaron said...

you're the best!!

Pedro Cabral said...

Happy Birthday Daron :D

Portugal asks for your presence here
Scars on Broadway for the win, you guys fucking rule

DaFT said...

Dear Scars Of Broadway...
I've just listened to your album (yeah, i mean album, all song are studio versions and i know that officially it will come only at 29 of the july... And sorry for my english, i know it's not very good, so sorry...)
So. I've just listened to your album and i think it is too perfect!!! I like all of its songs, but i think the best six are:
2. Kill Each Other/Live Forever
3. World Long Gone
4. Enemy
5. They Sey
6. Whoring Streets
I think that you may make video on "Serious" and "Kill Each Other/Live Forever", but I repeat that all of your songs are so good that I don't regret that System fell to pieces, but I hope that you (I mean System) will gather together again in future and make some albums :-)... But this will be future that i maybe can't see :-), but...but....
And please, tell names of that guys that play bass, second guitar and synthesizer O_o
And finally I hope that you will come to Estonia, I really want to see your live concert....
Thanks for attention...
Good luck to you, you make right songs... Thanks for this album...I fell in love with it :-)

If you can, write two words to my e-mail (
Happy Birthday Daron!!!

*+* LiSoN *=* said...

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you Darooooon, happy birthday to you !

The show at Paris was sooooooooooo great !

Thanks you guys !

Stay in this way.

DaFT said...

Ohhh, sorry, i was writing quickly and on emotions, sorry please. SCARS ON BROADWAY ^_^

Gilles said...

I'm a bit sorry to say that, the show was really really nice, you're a fabulous songwriter, but the only thing Scars on Brodaway lacks, is the voice Of Serj Tankian.

Imagine these songs performed by Serj's vocals, it would be awesome...

Don't be jealous Daron, SoB is great, but you didn't choose your voice at birth, and I prefer Serj's one.