Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Deal Our Chemicals

Now that you've had a chance to enjoy our Chemicals, it is time for you to DEAL.

Take the code for this video clip, below, and post it EVERYWHERE you can online (Myspace, Facebook, message boards, and wherever else possible). Take screenshots of everywhere you post it, and email them all together to with the email subject "I DEALT YOUR CHEMICALS".

(To take a screenshot, PC users press "Print Screen", open Paint, go to Edit>Paste and save. Mac users press Apple+Shift+3 and your screenshot will save to the desktop.)

Entries must be received by 7/18.

Whoever deals the BEST and MOST Chemicals will receive a signed copy of the CD the day it is released.

Good luck, now get dealing...


Pirates Of Doom said...

YAY! Finally something else to do!
I fucking love you guys! Please come to Texas. Fort Worth would be better than Dallas. But I guess either city is fine. Just please come!
You guys fucking rock!

You scar me passionately!

Pirates Of Doom

Max said...

I hope to win this one. :)