Friday, June 20, 2008

"They Say" Video Teaser


Jeremy9222 said...

I almost started to cry ! WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO US SCARS ?! WHYY ?! the anticipation is killing me :(

The Biggest Daron
Malakian Fan Ever,


david said...
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Dan said...

SWEET! I can't wait for this. Daron, you look awesome! :D

Aviv:D said...

GOD this is so awesome!
i have no words to discrib it
Hope to see you some day!
Daron you are living lagend!
love you@!!@#
cant wait for your album!!

iamthelolrus said...

lol daron looks like he is on a merry go round hehe

Andrézz said...

I cant wait to listen to
scars CD!!
And for the premier of the video!!

I hope I can see you
in a show sometime!! :(

From Mexico and
your biggest fan ever!!


Anonymous said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh! I can't wait!!!!

Lili said...

can't wait anymoree

and continuing to take purchase the full version appears I will end up killing someone here ¬¬'

*not kidding*