Friday, June 13, 2008


We don’t want to exclude our friends in Europe from all of the promoting action, so in honor of the upcoming Scars club shows in Cologne, Berlin, Paris, and London, we want to invite the most dedicated Scars fans overseas to help SCAR those European cities.

If you live in one of these cities and you have access to a digital camera, send an email to with your city name in the subject line (for example, "Be
rlin”) and see what awaits you…


Anonymous said...

Thank. you. Velvet. Hammer.

JUNGLE.BOY said...


Sickhorse131 said...

I think Greece is out...why????

Buba said...

Hey, hey, guys, why are you fucking like this? I live in Montenegro, and here happens NEVER anything... Serbia is near to us, and there will be a Festival, it's called Exit. It'll come Nightwish (I'm not really a Nightwish fan). But it'll come Sex Pistols, so it would be so cool of you to come to Belgrade... C'mon guys... It's not that far away... I bet you were never in Belgrade?

Anonymous said...

Scars on Broadway is best.
System of a Down is best.
Serj is best.

Proste všichni členové SoaD jsou nejlepšíííííííííííííííííííí !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Members SoaD are very very best!

Aviv:D said...

cool..scars rocks
my dream is to meet you Daron
you are god damn living legend
come visit in israel
im sure there are plany of fans waiting for you to come like me and my friends.
hope you will come.
cant wait for your album!
good luck!@#

Aviv:D said...


Alternative Sound said...

come to lisbon!!!

Alan said...

hey Scars
just remember: Brazil and all SOUTH america love you

Dig said...

Waiting in MOSCOW!!!

Systemka said...

We wait for you in Poland !
I like your song and I can not wait for edition of disc !
Scars On Broadway is the best!

Zaiodarko said...

Spain, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kristhian said...

Drop by Puerto Rico(Caribbean) we are waiting!