Monday, June 30, 2008


The Complete List

Paris - La Maroquinerie On-Sale now
London - Underworld On-Sale now
8/29/08- Paris- Rock En Seine- On-Sale now
8/31/08- Ludinghausen- Area 4 Festival- On-Sale now
Milan - Rolling Stone On-Sale now
9/3/08-Munich-Backstage Werk- On-sale now
9/04/08- Vienna - Arena On-Sale now
9/06/08-Copenhagen- Pumpehuset- On-sale now
9/08/08- Stockholm - Debaser Medis On-Sale now
Oslo - Rockefeller On-Sale now
9/11/08- Berlin-Huxleys- On-sale now
9/13/08-Hamburg-Grosse Freiheit- On-sale now
9/14/08- Brussels - AB Box On-Sale now
9/15/08- Amsterdam- Melkweg Max-On-sale now

9/17//08-Birmingham- Academy- On-sale now
9/18/08- London- Astoria- On-sale now
9/20/08- Glasgow- ABC- On-sale now
9/21/08-Manchester-Academy- On-sale now


Aviv:D said...

Good luck Scars!
I fucking love you!
Daron you are god !
I loved your new video.
And i hope you will
come to Israel some time!
love you!
Cant wait for your album!
And keep doing great work!!!!!
Love you!@

Sickhorse131 said...

I like scars on broadway too
All my room is with them posters
Daron you are a music genius
And you John,you are a terrific drummer
I hope some time you will come to Greece and you have many funs there
i can't wait to for your album
Keep Scarring

Sickhorse131 said...

I'm sorry...
i did a mistake

I mean you have many fAns in Greece

Viki said...

one concert in POLAND PLEASE!!!! We Love You !! <3

Johnny said...

please come to croatia or somewhere near please please please

João de Almeida aka Sai-me Daqui said...

What about PORTUGAL!?

LordBomber said...

whats with cologne? ......

Bryan said...

SCAR Ireland plz!

Delmorpha said...

Just caught the video to They Say on Scuzz in the Uk and I've just bought me 4 tickets to see you in Manchester in September... its going to be utterly awesome!