Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our Trip To The Desert

They came, they saw, they scarred... A little taste of Scars' performance at Coachella

Photos by Greg Watermann

KFMA Day up next... and another big announcement coming soon.


riotgrrrl/cynic said...

...another big announcement coming soon... Please, when the CD is coming out. And, ideally, that you are going to play Reading...

Feña Dolmayan said...

I saw videos from that festival
You play very well
I like kill each other

pliss one day come to chile

scarletonthetile said...

i watched the videos! you guys were awesome. wish i could have been there in person. you sounded amazing Daron! Plus the pictures are AWESOME!
can't wait for the album! hopefully you'll be doing a lot of touring this summer!

love you Scars!!
can't wait for the big announcement!

Dasha said...

Thanx for the pics! I don't have chace to see you in real, so thanks to internet . :)

many kisses from Moscow ;)

untouchable said...


Otto said...

Nice pictures, thanks for it!
When will you come to Brazil? We're waiting for the Scars On Broadway =)
I think it will be a perfect concert!!
Thanks again...

Otto Soares

Salvador, Brazil

Anonymous said...

That was a great show!
I was there in the front. You can see me and a few friends of mine in one of those pics.

Can't wait for their debut album.

Odi said...

Wish I could've seen this..You're the best guys!! amo Daron!!!
Россия ждёт!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katarina said...

I was one of first persons who visited this site. :P
Oh, Coachella is sooo far away from my stupid country. (I am not a patriot, there is nothing to be proud of.) Well, I wanted very much to see Your performance, but there was no possibility to get there! I would like to send very special greetings for my favourite performer, my idol, my authority, my inspiration, Daron Malakian The Great. I know, He has seen a lot of this kind of confessions and probably He's tired with reading this all the time, but I... I couldn't stop mydelf from doing this. :P Some time ago I even wanted to write a letter to Him, asking about His views about world, telling Him about mine... I would like to know Him as a usuall guy, not as a famous person with lot of money. That's the 'invisible wall'. I always wanted to (break it? I'm not strong enough :P) cross it, to see through. See how is Daron in usuall conversation. Who knows, maybe... ?
No idea who'll read this. It's too long. :P

Anonymous said...

I see u ably blast your life Daron.What happened with you?Think!!!You are not a stupid man...I think!!!Good luck!

Heroes. said...

Yeah !