Monday, May 5, 2008

The KROQ Weenie Roast Gets Scarred...

May 17th

Irvine, CA

Verizon Wireless Amphitheater

Visit for details


Alex said...

wooh im so there!!!

1st post!!!

scarletonthetile said...

come to Atlanta!!
i bet it'll be a great concert, wish i could make it.
love ya Scars!

Aviv:D said...

Daron!! your the best!!
i wish i could see you on stage ,but i cant.
come to israel..
i know its far and all
but you have here alote of fens
its just i hope to see you one day.
love you scars!!

U-Fig said...

Damn i wish i didn't live in a fucking red state.I love you Daron.

Pedro Ventura said...

Hi, I´m from Portugal and I´m thinking in way to promote you.

But I have to get your permission.

Please contact me.


Can't wait for your album.

Please answer me. You will be surprised. I´m trying to promote you.

Daron, your a great inspiration to me, I love your "songwriter" way, but I like as well your guitar playing. I´m a guitarrist to, and I may have some surprises to you.

John, keep up the good work, you're one og the best drummers in the World, side by side with Joey Jordison, from Slipknot.

I hope you get much sucess, and play at Portugal. I will be there, for sure.

Thank you, and please answer me, for I explain you my ideas.

Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Danny Shamoun you rock man keep it going.

Luiza said...

will you come to Brazil someday?

Alan said...

Go Scars, Go \o/

I love you guys
Brazilians love you

†WhïpLa§her† said...

Scars on Broadway and the disc is self titled?

Aviv:D said...

I sent you back an e mail to
and you have my permission
thanx for the suppurt ^____^

Aviv:D said...

i hope ill come i like Brazil ^_^

Aviv:D said...

:D cool tnx
go scars! ^___^

★ Mitu said...

Go Scars, Go!
Come eat some chemicals with me ♫

Cüneyt said...

Good luck!

Cüneyt said...

Good Luck!